Thursday, 24 March 2016

About Me

Locodein is a Youth-led Organization that I founded in 2013 with other youth leaders in my county of Turkana, inspired by a vision of a society where youth have a powerful voice, knowledge and resources to use that voice to create positive change in their communities. After years of volunteering during my high school and post high school years with the youth of Turkana, specifically the youth in the villages, I came to understand the challenges facing young people in Turkana and the community at large. Based on this first-hand experience and our desire to be the agents of hope in this community, I crafted a program to empower the vulnerable youth and provide them with what government and their families were unable to provide: an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty through empowerment. At Locodein, we place special emphasis on working alongside the youth and poor women, because previous data has shown that, supported with the proper resources, women and the youth have the ability to help families and communities out of poverty.

Our organization exists to provide the youth with the skills and resources they need to become agents of change in their communities. We do this through capacity-building and leadership workshops, youth summits, community engagements and through a Youth Empowerment Centre that we intend to establish in Turkana County. We believe that when youth are empowered and capacity-built, they can best fight poverty in their communities. The formation of Locodein was precipitated by increased socio-economic problems in Turkana County including among others; youth unemployment that has resulted to drug abuse, chronic alcoholism and village crime, cattle rustling due to idleness of the youth, increased economic bondage of the community, increased spread of HIV/AIDS, low levels of access to clean and safe drinking water and underdevelopment generally.

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