Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Definitions of Leadership

Find three definitions of leadership from people you know or from famous leaders. Share these and comment whether you agree with them or not and why.

John C Maxwell
People Do Not care How Much You Know until They Know How Much You Care
I agree with this phrase by Maxwell because I do believe that the whole idea of leadership is centered on whether or not we care for others. The common man and human beings generally are most often inclined to a leader who cares for them, listens to them and is for them. Whether learned or not, any leader can have such traits. John Maxwell correctly states that people are interested in the leaders who exhibit these qualities and care less about how much knowledge he or she has. It is the service to the people as a leader that counts in leadership not the level of one’s education or intellect. This rightly describes leadership in my view.

Robin Sharma
You don’t need to have a Title to Be a Leader, You Can be a Leader without A Title
This quote is similar to the famous one that leaders are made not born which translates into anybody can become a leader and create a positive impact. You don’t need to be a politician for example for you to be a leader. You don’t need to have a title such as Honorable, Your Excellency to be a leader. One can be a leader in their small capacities. I want to be a Leader without a Title When I grow up.

Great Leaders Create More Leaders, Mediocre Leaders Create More Followers
Leadership should be about mentoring others, showing others the way and in the process creating a new crop of leaders from within your followers. Leadership based on egocentrism and hero-worship does not go far. It only serves to create more followers who are forced to agree with the leadership because of the consequences of defying authority. That doesn’t serve the purpose of leadership.

2.       Share what your own definition of leadership is
Ekai Nabenyo
Leadership Is Identifying a Challenge, Showing others the Right Way and Taking the First Step

3.       The Commonwealth Charter includes 16 core values and principles of The Commonwealth. Which of the Commonwealth values and principles do you hold as most important to you as a leader and why?
Importance of Young People in the Commonwealth
I do believe that there is a huge potential in our youth which needs to be tapped into by all stakeholders in order for development to be achieved. The future of the commonwealth and the future of vulnerable communities like mine in Northern Kenya is in the hands of young people. That’s why the work we do as an organization entails building a network of vibrant, informed Turkana Youth. I hold this as most important to me.
Access to Health, Education, Food and Shelter
Access to socio-economic needs is very critical to any leader who is ready to ensure that the people he or she leads live a dignified life. Health, Education, Food and Shelter are the foundations of life and without them, life is pathetic. This is very important to me
4.      Do you think being part of The Commonwealth is a good thing for your country - have you experienced the benefits of being on #teamcommonwealth?

Being part of the Commonwealth has been very good for my country. My country has been participating in many commonwealth activities and events such as the Commowealth Championships/ Games etc.  There are many more other benefits of being in #TeamCommowealth

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