Monday, 31 October 2016


Most people are afraid of trying out on new things or methods of doings things because of deep fears within ourselves. Interestingly, most of the things that we fear trying are actually roadblocks that are a creation of our own minds which can be demystified when you take the necessary steps to get out of the fear-zone. I crafted this challenge and tried it out during the early stages of our Module 5 lessons and it really worked for me and my organization.

Write down ten (10) things you are afraid to do and pick at least five which in your view may be beneficial to you and your organization if and when you tackle them.
The benefit that accrues from this is that you are able to take control of your journey and be more confident and have self-belief in whatever you do. Consequently, this initiative be a huge plus to your life since you will realize that the things you thought curtailed your efforts to move forward were just imaginary and that you can control your destiny through confidence. The Bible states that Faith without Actions is Dead. Likewise, I dare say, Actions without Faith (confidence) are Dead.
It is not an easy thing to gain confidence. It is not a question of instant coffee. It takes time. However, the good news is that once you master the art of confidence, nothing will come on your way and that of your dreams. Throughout my life as a youth leader and community worker, I have come across such instances when I feared to do something but then I gathered the necessary courage because what was at stake was an activity to be carried out by the organization I lead. We needed to obtain authorization from the local chief to allow us to hold a youth empowerment summit in my community. I was afraid of bringing this up with the chief because he is a big guy and highly respected and feared in the community. When we finally approached him, he readily gave in and gave us the go-ahead to hold the meeting. Courage saved us. You don’t need to fear anything or anybody as long as you mean well.

THE ISLAND MONTH in my view has been one of the best methodologies of teaching adopted by our able tutors to simplify things for us. The name island in itself brings out a cool, solitary place where great thoughts cross the mind or great ideas are born. It’s been a life fulfilling journey for myself and the young people I lead especially given the fact that this has really given me an opportunity to link-up with my inner self. I can confidently say that this Island month has made me to rediscover myself even more. I feel more like a recharged battery after this Island Month. 

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